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Here you will find everything that is Warwick Surf. Want to find out just who the hell the person that was running around without any trousers on the other night is or just fancy a scroll through past and present members of Warwick Surf?! Click on the People tab! Dunno what the hell someone means/wants when they shout out what appears to be random, nonsensical words at you?! Visit the Chatting Shit tab or the Dubious Links tab! Fancy finding out the Surf History of the club or who won which Awards in the past? Then guess what: check out those tabs too! There's even a tab for Tours!

Just a Quickie

This is a wiki, it's pretty sick-y and not very tricky - to edit. Also anyone can edit it, including you! Please bear in mind though before you do edit the wiki that these pages are public and so can be viewed by anyone! Please keep potential not-gonna-get-employed-because-of-this-ridiculous-picture-of-you-fucking-shit-up things off the wiki! Otherwise anything goes! The more people who contribute, the bigger and better this wiki gets! Cheers!

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